ReWilding Little Red Salon

Step through the imaginal window of story and walk together, deep into that ancient forest with that young woman along the path to meet Grandmother and the Wolf.  Can we reimagine her for the times we are now living in?

If we re-wild our folktales, can we re-wild ourselves?

‘Little Red Riding Hood’ is one of the world’s most popular and oft retold folktales. Versions range from the moralistic version by Charles Perrault, the Grimms Brothers, simplistic watered-down picture books for preschoolers, to Disney films to erotic cartoons for adults. But who was she originally and what did she represent? Who was the wolf and why is he a werewolf in the older tales? What does this deeply popular story and its variants tell us about Western culture and our relationship to our bodies, our sexuality, to nature and the wild? How much did Perrault’s patriarchal values distort the original uplifting trickster tale?

Participate in lively facilitated discussions, as we explore our ideas out loud in a supportive learning community. 

WHEN: Saturday, July 3, 2021, 10-10.40am.


DURATION: 40 mins

GROUP SIZE: 15 participants

HOW: Online via Zoom