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No matter how unique we may consider our own era, I think that these old tales – fairy, folk tales and myths – contain much of the paradox we face in these storm-riven times.

Martin Shaw 

Storytelling for Changemakers Workshop 

We are often taught that to present a credible, persuasive case, we must provide people with the relevant facts and present them compellingly, but without emotion. However, emerging science on decision-making reveals that in reality, people make decisions based on feelings and stories. We are wired to receive information encoded in a story. When that story is told with warmth and sincerity, eye to eye and heart to heart, recall jumps dramatically and listeners become far more emotionally invested. This is because, when we read or listen to a story, our mirror neurons light up, as if we were actually experiencing what is being narrated. Stories are the original form of virtual reality. They tap straight into our imagination, allowing us to vividly experience things beyond our own existence. This is why storytelling is such a powerful tool for enhancing compassion, connection and creativity, as well as helping people absorb new ideas, see a new perspective, or prepare for change.


In the workshop, we will not only be exploring ways to use stories in presentations but also how to use storytelling in your messaging and in smaller more intimate settings. 

Learn how to harness and craft both ancient and original stories for social change with storyteller, teacher and activist, Jenni Cargill-Strong.



Again, thank you for holding the space for the workshop.  I enjoyed it very much and the experiences were new, fun, integrating and I learned practical ways to move forward with writing. The connections made in the break-outs felt very collaborative, and witnessing the beauty of each person was deeply nourishing. Precious time together.  I really like what you are doing, the passion, commitment, and style you bring to it.  The workshop was excellent value, and your presence was so strong, loving, compassionate and caring.  And the range of books – wow.  Thank you, dear sister. Stephanie, Byron Shire

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the workshop on Saturday. I really enjoyed it. You are such a good and natural facilitator who knows your content so well because you live it. Thanks for creating such a lovely atmosphere and sparking many interesting insights and learnings for me. Damien, Murwillumbah

‘Since the workshop, my understanding of using story to spark people’s interest, and even shift their perspective has strengthened and grown. Jenni’s encouraging way of teaching allowed us to transform our own stories. If we are to create the change needed to protect our natural world, connecting with one another through story is the only way we will do it.’
Maddy Braddon, Coordinator, Northern Rivers Intrepid Landcare

‘In August 2017, I participated in a storytelling workshop facilitated by Jenni Cargill-Strong. The event was both insightful and inspiring and gave me the confidence to experiment with new ways to share information and encourage participation in Landcare. In October 2017 I was selected as a speaker at the NSW Landcare Conference in Albury. I mustered the courage to apply my newfound storytelling skills and methodology through my delivery. The presentation was extremely successful with multiple people approaching me afterward commenting on the presentation style as engaging and refreshing. Thanks to Jenni I have now found my style and my confidence to present to large audiences and trust that my stories will embed in peoples memory.’
Emma Stone Landcare Coordinator – Border Ranges Richmond Valley Landcare Network
‘I highly recommend Jenni Cargill-Strong for her experience as an engaging storyteller, for her skill at facilitating workshops, and for her eye on successful outcomes.’
Joe Vandermeer, workshop participant. Director, The Swedenborg Centre Director, Swedenborg Association of Australia Founding member, Australian Fairy Tale Society.



WHEN: Saturday, December 1, 2018, 10am-4pm

WHERE: Wild Space (the back room), The Commons, 91 Main Arm Road, Mullumbimby

COST: $60/$45

INFO: or 0403 328 643

BOOKINGS via TryBooking




Story Circles

You are warmly invited to this intimate story gathering facilitated by Jenni Cargill-Strong, curator of ‘Stories in the Club’.

Inspired by the Story Circles developed by Roadside Theatre in the USA, we will follow the same structure and methodology.

A story circle is a group of people sitting in a circle and sharing stories about their experience on a given topic or theme. The story circle may be used to build community within a group, to examine difference across lines of race or class, to explore social challenges that people are facing in their own lives, or for some other purpose. The method has been used extensively by Roadside Theater, and they call it “Our tested storytelling method for empowering community members.”

WHEN: 4 pm -5.30pm, 4th Sundays, starting Sunday, October 28, 2018

WHERE: As Wild Space is moving from The Commons, the venue will need to change. TBA.


Private Coaching

Whether you want to learn how to tell a story, overcome public speaking nerves, present your research or make a speech at a wedding, Jenni can help. Drawing on over 25 years of experience and training, Jenni teaches in a nurturing and playful way, sensitively tailoring her coaching to the needs of each individual. You will leave your session with Jenni feeling happier and more confident.

Some of the many skills Jenni will offer in your coaching session are

  • how to transform nervous energy into extra volts
  • how to speak from the heart and really capture and engage your audience
  • how to construct a compelling presentation and memorise it
  • ways to engage your listeners’ hearts and minds
  • how to make your message deeply memorable
  • tips on creating an uplifting slide-show
  • how to avoid ‘death by powerpoint’
  • how to speak with few or no slides if desired

Where: Sessions can be via skype, phone, google hangouts or in person for people who live in the Byron Shire.

* NB: For international students, here is an online time converter

Investment: $70 per one hour private session OR save with four x 1 hour private sessions for $250.

Enquiries: Just email me , call or text 0403 328 643.


Feedback from coaching client

“Jenni worked with me on overcoming some of my blockages to public speaking and storytelling, and has given me excellent tips and some real “ah hah” moments. I felt very safe and respected by her in our sessions. She is also helping me retell a remarkable ancient Tibetan story from 12 centuries ago, as a part of an online program for empowering personal and planetary transformation, and I look forward to the end result. Jenni makes it feels like an exciting and magical adventure to reweave a story so close to my heart, in words and patterns that are my very own.” Eshana Bragg, ecopsychologist, Sustainable Futures Australia, and The Joyality Program

Thank you so much for your time in honing my skills as a storyteller and hints at making storytelling at rest time much more fun for the 4-5 year olds I work with.
Thank you for sharing your vast and entertaining knowledge on story telling. I look forward to increasing my skills in storytelling through practice with eager participants, namely the children at the centre in which I work, and sharing the joy with the other staff at work. Ron Koot, Preschool teacher, North Queensland.


Teaching early childhood teachers in Australian International School, Kuala Lumpa.

Teaching early childhood teachers in Australian International School, Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia.

Group Workshops

Enquire about Jenni’s rates for corporate groups and community groups for 6 to 30 people.

Jenni also has experience working with large groups.

Feedback from workshop participants

Jenni Cargill possesses a natural instinct for the power of language. Whilst discovering and sharing our own personal stories and myths, it has become evident to me that every individual has something worthwhile to say or do and can make a ‘GIANT’ difference to the wellbeing of all. Jenni is an experience not to miss. Marina Orpen (Co Director of ‘Imagine What’s Next’; Business Development and Trainer), Gold Coast.

I loved the way you presented your knowledge! Wow, this was such an amazing workshop. Food for my soul. Love the inner critic and coach and identifying these characters. I didn’t feel thrown in the deep end, you were very supportive. I love anything that gets me back in my body and the work we did that for me. It wasn’t really hard, it felt just right. Tahlia, Suffolk Park.

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“Thank you for your vibrant and enthusiastic telling of the Vasalissa and her doll AND the infamous BABA YAGA. Isn’t it wonderful to celebrate our womanliness together, in all of it’s forms: innocent, wise, intuitive, lost and FOUND and ‘moving on’. You are a master of the word Jenni, and you carry us all with you. My Vasalissa/Baba Yaga Dolly is looking SO WISE and powerful as she sits on my desk! I am looking forward to doing exactly the same workshop again with you one day.” Brave Vasalissa and Baba Yaga Doll-making, Sandra Frain.

“Thanks again for the online sessions. I am inspired, in lots of ways. I have thoroughly enjoyed the calls and got a lot from them. Thanks for your passion for Story Jenni, and for helping to keep this art-form alive!” Storytelling: Taking the First Steps, Nicole.

“After attending three sessions of ‘The Armchair Storyteller’, my memory, imagination and confidence have grown to the point where it is now imperative that I begin crafting my own stories.”– Mariam Makinson, Jungian Therapist, The Channon.

“The course has been a lovely introduction into storytelling and has given me lots of ideas and built my confidence. I have gained a valuable introduction to folktale genre and have learned quite a lot on themes, characters and storylines related to this genre. It has been fun and very non-threatening. Thank you Jenni for your hard work.” Making Up Stories with Soul, Jenny Gregor

“This is the first Community Adult Education course that I have ever been totally sad that it has finished. I hope a second course can be created. What am I going to do on a Monday night now? Though I have written for a paper once, I was still petrified of anyone picking up anything I’ve written, but in this course my hand goes wild (writing) when I have a provocation.” Making Up Stories with Soul, Karen Hinrichsen

“I enjoyed this course more than any other ACE course I have done. Jenni was wonderful. She conducted the sessions with enthusiasm, humour and joy. She held the class together and kept it moving with gentle hands. I really appreciated the preparation that she put into each class. My imagination, writing and storytelling ability have grown heaps thanks to this course.” Making Up Stories with Soul, Janine Ferris.

“The workshop met my expectations about the feminine. It was perfect. I liked the idea of telling stories and then sharing feedback and interpretations in the group. The visit to the Crystal Castle was great!” Walking with Goddesses workshop, Marina Orpen, Broadbeach

“I liked all the stories, loved the telling and singing and really enjoyed the writing. For me this has been a little time out from mothering- to percolate and dip into the space of “Women who Run with Wolves” and to connect to archetypes in my life. I enjoyed the free flow of your teaching style.” Walking with Goddesses workshop, Susie Dove, Mullumbimby

“Jenni Cargill possesses a natural instinct for the power of language. Whilst discovering and sharing our own personal stories and myths, it has become evident to me that every individual has something worthwhile to say or do and can make a ‘GIANT’ difference to the wellbeing of all. Jenni is an experience not to miss.” Marina Orpen (Co Director of ‘Imagine What’s Next’; Business Development and Trainer), Gold Coast.

‘I loved the whole workshop. I have never been trained to story read or storytelling, but this has given me a push to go out and do it. I loved the simplicity of the mime which can add so much to the telling. It’s been a great day for me. I loved it.’ Margo Styles, Librarian Assistant, Byron, YWCA Workshop Murwillumbah.

‘It’s good to know you can be silly, how to engage listeners more and that it’s OK to boss them a bit into a good arrangement for listening.’ Brielle Hallett, Librarian Assistant, Ballina, YWCA Workshop Murwillumbah.

“You led the workshop with consummate artistry and skill. I greatly enjoyed myself… You were very spontaneous and went with what the group wanted. I also loved playing Mr Wolf, which I haven’t played since I was six years old!” Anne Di Lauro, President, Qld Jung Society.

“I feel like this workshop has given me a lot of good tales from my life to work with.” Ganya, Qld Jung Society.

“This was my first-time story writing. Your personality, your spontaneity, passion and enjoyment helped hold my interest.” Jenny, Qld Jung Society.

“I am in a place of just absorbing things and not wanting to share much personal stuff, so I really liked soaking up all the stories and I also appreciated that I wasn’t forced to share if I didn’t want to.” Rebecca, Ocean Shores

“A delightful day! A great mix of story, personal narrative and creative exercises.  Well done.  I have really enjoyed reconnecting with your energies again this year and look forward to more play next year.
 Blessings and Appreciation.” 
Thali Bower-Willaims, Uki

“It was a magical day. You are a wonderful facilitator and storyteller and it was a perfect circle of beautiful women. I so enjoyed hearing everyone else’s stories and feel that I know these women, most of whom are friends, even more deeply than I did before. I loved all the movement and I particularly loved the way it wasn’t rushed or crammed too. I really enjoyed the writing and everyone else’s writings. And the highlight was watching you perform the stories”. Sue Collins, Uki

“I loved the way you presented your knowledge! Wow this was such an amazing workshop. Food for my soul. Love the inner critic and coach and identifying these characters. I didn’t feel thrown in the deep end, you were very supportive. I love anything that gets me back in my body and the work we did that for me. It wasn’t really hard, it felt just right.” Tahlia, Suffolk Park.