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Storytelling for Changemakers Resources 2019


The Black Dog story

Kenneth McLeod’s Age of Transition diagram of his four-part conceptualization of cultures interlocking parts

Religion, Science, and Spirit: A Sacred Story for Our Time, by David Korten, YES MagazineIs it possible that the human future depends upon a new sacred story—a story that gives us a reason to care? Could it be a story already embraced by a majority, although it has neither institutional support nor a place in the public conversation?

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Findhorn webcasts with renowned thinkers and speakers: Living-the-New-Story-series


The new political story that could change everything | George Monbiot

 Le Histoire du Grandmere’ or the old Red Riding Hood as told by me

MY INTRODUCTION to the story:

I warn you, it is grisly. I crafted this version inspired by ‘The Path of Needles or Pins: Little Red Riding Hood’ by Terri Windling

Wired for story: Lisa Cron at TEDx (18 mins) Stories more important than the opposable thumb.

Jenni at Politics in the Pub: Seven Activists speak

The Mythic Imagination | Sharon Blackie | TEDx How can myth and folk tales lead us to live more deeply and more authentically, and inspire us to fall in love with the world all over again?



‘Storytelling for a Greener World’ Editor Alida Gersie, Anthony Nanson, et al

‘Climate: A New Story’ Charles Eisenstein

‘The Natural Storyteller: Wildlife Tales for Telling’ Georgiana Keable

‘Climate Versus Capitalism: This changes Everything’ Naomi Klein

 ‘Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth: Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer’ by Diane Wolkstein and Noah Samuel Kramer

Descent to the Goddess: A Way of Initiation for Women’ by Sylvia Brinton Perera

‘Fearless Girls: Wise Women and Beloved Sisters’ by Kathleen Ragan

‘The Trials and Tribulations of Red Riding Hood’, Edited by Jack Zipes, Book on many versions of RRH.

Possible ways to use stories and storytelling:

  • systemic stories – the stories at the heart of the system, rethink cultural stories
  • stories for culture change- eg from individualism to community, from separation from the earth to reverence
  • stories to build connection
  • stories to reignite wonder and respect for Gaia, experiences of the sacred- eg indigenous stories or crafted tales
  • origin story -to engage heart and mind of the listener with cause or organisation
  • personal story to evoke compassion, weave community connection
  • stories to build connection to place and thereby to the planet
  • demonstrate a scientific, organisational or other principle
  • stories to build character –ie inspire action, self-respect, cooperation, resilience, kindness, non-violence, persistence, comfort and cope with seeming failure, tales of success, build courage
  • stories as a bridge to the future- sand on the glass
  • group story creation to foster collaboration, listening and create a local story of positive change and renewal