Storytelling Workshop Testimonials

“Thank you for your vibrant and enthusiastic telling of the Vasalissa and her doll AND the infamous BABA YAGA. Isn’t it wonderful to celebrate our womanliness together, in all of it’s forms: innocent, wise, intuitive, lost and FOUND and ‘moving on’. You are a master of the word Jenni, and you carry us all with you. My Vasalissa/Baba Yaga Dolly is looking SO WISE and powerful as she sits on my desk! I am looking forward to doing exactly the same workshop again with you one day.” Brave Vasalissa and Baba Yaga Doll-making, Sandra Frain.

“Thanks again for the online sessions. I am inspired, in lots of ways. I have thoroughly enjoyed the calls and got a lot from them. Thanks for your passion for Story Jenni, and for helping to keep this art-form alive!” Storytelling: Taking the First Steps, Nicole.

“After attending three sessions of ‘The Armchair Storyteller’, my memory, imagination and confidence have grown to the point where it is now imperative that I begin crafting my own stories.”– Mariam Makinson, Jungian Therapist, The Channon.

“The course has been a lovely introduction into storytelling and has given me lots of ideas and built my confidence. I have gained a valuable introduction to folktale genre and have learnt quite a lot on themes, characters and story lines related to this genre. It has been fun and very non-threatening. Thank you Jenni for your hard work.” Making Up Stories with Soul, Jenny Gregor

“This is the first Community Adult Education course that I have ever been totally sad that it has finished. I hope a second course can be created. What am I going to do on a Monday night now? Though I have written for a paper once, I was still petrified of anyone picking up anything I’ve written, but in this course my hand goes wild (writing) when I have a provocation.” Making Up Stories with Soul, Karen Hinrichsen

“I enjoyed this course more than any other ACE course I have done. Jenni was wonderful. She conducted the sessions with enthusiasm, humour and joy. She held the class together and kept it moving with gentle hands. I really appreciated the preparation that she put into each class. My imagination, writing and storytelling ability have grown heaps thanks to this course.” Making Up Stories with Soul, Janine Ferris.

“The workshop met my expectations about the feminine. It was perfect. I liked the idea of telling stories and then sharing feedback and interpretations in the group. The visit to the Crystal Castle was great!” Walking with Goddesses workshop, Marina Orpen, Broadbeach

“I liked all the stories, loved the telling and singing and really enjoyed the writing. For me this has been a little time out from mothering- to percolate and dip into the space of “Women who Run with Wolves” and to connect to archetypes in my life. I enjoyed the free flow of your teaching style.” Walking with Goddesses workshop, Susie Dove, Mullumbimby

“Jenni Cargill possesses a natural instinct for the power of language. Whilst discovering and sharing our own personal stories and myths, it has become evident to me that every individual has something worthwhile to say or do and can make a ‘GIANT’ difference to the wellbeing of all. Jenni is an experience not to miss.” Marina Orpen (Co Director of ‘Imagine What’s Next’; Business Development and Trainer), Gold Coast.

‘I loved the whole workshop. I have never been trained to story read or storytell but this has given me a push to go out and do it. I loved the simplicity of the mime which can add so much to the telling. It’s been a great day for me. I loved it.’ Margo Styles, Librarian Assistant, Byron, YWCA Workshop Murwillumbah.

‘It’s good to know you can be silly, how to engage listeners more and that it’s OK to boss them a bit into a good arrangement for listening.’ Brielle Hallett, Librarian Assistant, Ballina, YWCA Workshop Murwillumbah.

“You led the workshop with consummate artistry and skill. I greatly enjoyed myself… You were very spontaneous and went with what the group wanted. I also loved playing Mr Wolf, which I haven’t played since I was six years old!” Anne Di Lauro, President, Qld Jung Society.

“I feel like this workshop has given me a lot of good tales from my life to work with.” Ganya, Qld Jung Society.

“This was my first time story writing. Your personality, your spontaneity, passion and enjoyment helped hold my interest.” Jenny, Qld Jung Society.

“I am in a place of just absorbing things and not wanting to share much personal stuff, so I really liked soaking up all the stories and I also appreciated that I wasn’t forced to share if I didn’t want to.” Rebecca, Ocean Shores

“A delightful day! A great mix of story, personal narrative and creative exercises.  Well done.  I have really enjoyed reconnecting with your energies again this year and look forward to more play next year.
 Blessings and Appreciation.” 
Thali Bower-Willaims, Uki

“It was a magical day. You are a wonderful facilitator and storyteller and it was a perfect circle of beautiful women. I so enjoyed hearing everyone else’s stories and feel that I know these women, most of whom are friends, even more deeply than I did before. I loved all the movement and I particularly loved the way it wasn’t rushed or crammed too. I really enjoyed the writing and everyone else’s writings. And the highlight was watching you perform the stories”. Sue Collins, Uki

“I loved the way you presented your knowledge! Wow this was such an amazing workshop. Food for my soul. Love the inner critic and coach and identifying these characters. I didn’t feel thrown in the deep end, you were very supportive. I love anything that gets me back in my body and the work we did that for me. It wasn’t really hard, it felt just right.” Tahlia, Suffolk Park.