I don’t usually post my newsletters to my blog, but this one is special.

How are you faring?
How are those in your circle?

I send you warm (non-infectious) hugs. ūüôā¬†

I hope you are managing to find peace, calm and compassion 
amid the storms of fear-inducing, nerve-jangling alerts 
as this pandemic unfolds, the economy wobbles,
and extreme climate events continue.

I have certainly had my ups and downs on this wild ride.
I now work part-time as a disability support worker and like so many workers, 
I have received daily or twice daily updates on Covid19 protocols.
I have worried about the impact on my children and those I know with heart conditions and immune issues. I have worried about my finances, the nation, our species, all species- PHEW there is a lot to worry about if you let yourself huh?

Perhaps this resonates with you?
It’s not helpful to¬†go into denial, but neither does it serve us to descend into fear and panic.
However, as I have shared in recent blogs, stories are my guides and roadmaps in life.
They give me strength and purpose and help me find and refind a calmer perspective.
Exercise, music, dancing, good food, chatting over the phone to friends and
time in nature help too! 

As events and gatherings of all kinds are being canceled unilaterally,
artists and creatives are sending their artforms across the digital airwaves
to comfort, soothe, heal, entertain and inspire.

To support you to navigate through these challenging times, 
 I am sending the best medicine I know: stories.

This is a compendium –¬†a lovingly prepared story care package for this new era of ‘social distancing’ as we try to ‘flatten the curve’.¬†
(Terms we didn’t know a month ago.)

In it, you will find:

~ original tales written specifically for kids at this time
~ ancestral tales
~ tales that suit any crisis
~ good news stories to balance all the gloomy ones
~ a poem from Covid19 to Humanity
~¬†a song written for grandparents to sing to grandkids they can’t hug
~ a storytree colouring-in page
~ a link to a daily chant of the Gayatri mantra by Deva and Premal
~ if you only want to read one article full of Covid19 facts read this one 
~ news of upcoming online storytelling courses

and…for good measure
~ a funny video featuring Pluto, the wise dog with his Covid19 advice.




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