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For primary and secondary schools, Jenni works for StoryBoard in the Northern Rivers area and SpeakersInk for Gold Coast and Brisbane. Feel free to call Jenni 0403 3289 643, if you are outside those areas. School show details below.


Within Byron Shire: $150 for 50 mins

Northern Rivers but outside Byron Shire: $180 per 50 mins
SPECIAL: 2 bookings in one year for $310


Workshop for teachers/parents $40 per person (min 10 participants per 3 hour workshop)

Or teachers/parents can attend ‘Stories in a Circle’ the fourth Sunday of the month in Santos Heartspace. See Workshops page.


Here are some samples of the types of stories Jenni tells for preschoolers:

‘The Blue Coat’ A touching Jewish folktale and circle story designed for maximum participation. An endearing story about family, perseverance and recycling. From the album ‘Reaching for the Moon’. Watch a video of Jenni telling it here.

‘Two Russian Goats’ A lively, dramatic story for acting out with two child actors as goats about co-operation and kindness. From the album ‘The Mermaid’s Shoes. Listen here.

 ‘Never Give up’ about a very persistent frog. Theme: persistence. From the album ‘Reaching for the Moon’. Listen here.

‘Gowondo’ a Kombumerri Aboriginal creation story from Burleigh Heads, which explains how people used to work with dolphins to catch fish and inspires respect for wildlife and generosity. Listen here.

‘The Mermaid’s Shoes’ I tell a simplified shortened version for preschoolers of my ever-popular original story about the Mermaid of Byron Bay and my magical storytelling shoes. Theme: Respect for the ocean and self-acceptance. Listen here to the long original here from ‘The Mermaid’s Shoes’ album.

Shelley and Rustle’ I tell a simplified shortened version for preschoolers of my original story about Shelley the turtle and Rustle the plastic bag and why we need to keep plastic OUT of the ocean. Themes: recycling, reduce plastics use and care for the ocean, turtles and sea creatures. From the album “The Story Tree and other nature tales”. Listen to longer original here. Watch Jenni tell the tale to Year 2 students here.

Homeschoolers Nov 09‘Froko andLettuce’ The simple true story of the frogs who came to live at Jenni’s house. Inspires care for wildlife. Listen here.

‘Rat’ A story told with the hypnotic and evocative sounds of the zyladrum. Rat wants to become anything but a rat, yet by the end of many transformations, being a rat looks better and better. A Chinese folktale with themes of contentment and self-acceptance. Listen here.

‘Tanabato Soma’ Children love to hear the story and sing the poignant song from the Star Festival of Japan. Two children play bells and all the children join in with hand actions. From the album “Molly Whuppie and other wonder tales’. Listen here. Spark, Multicultural day, reno Sep 09 062

‘Caps for Sale’ An amusing story about an Indian hat seller has all her hats stolen by a band of monkeys. She yells and threatens them, but that doesn’t work. When finally she gets her hats back, she comes to understand the saying, “Monkey see, monkey do”. Not recorded.



Father and son listen to Jenni

Father and son listen to Jenni

“Jenni’s stories came straight from the heart and filled the air with magic and wonder. Her use of simple props, percussion instruments and active participation of children, interspersed with her beautiful singing voice enabled her performance to be received by all the 3-6 year olds in the group.” Mari Mathieson Co-Director, Federal Community Preschool

Jenni’s preschool performances are 40 mins long. Preschool rates here

You can book preschool shows directly with Jenni. To book Jenni or for enquiries, email or call (02) 6684 6548.





my banner all saints

Jenni’s performances in schools have been widely acclaimed by teachers and children alike. She draws upon her diverse story repertoire and adjusts her program according to the age of the group and their mood and interests. You can watch video’s of Jenni telling tales in schools at her You Tube channel here. You can read more and book Jenni through Speakers Ink for Queensland shows OR view her schools flyer for local schools to Byron Shire here.Kondili the whale

Videos and recordings of a sample of school show stories

After 20 years of telling stories professionally, Jenni has a repertoire far larger than listed here. If you want her to tell stories pertaining to a theme your students are working on, chances are she will have a story to fit. As Jenni also LOVES a story challenge, given enough time, she can also learn new stories on a theme. Some stories work best for lower primary, some for upper primary and others can be slightly adapted for all ages.

Molly Whuppie is a perennial favourite- a Scottish trickster tale of a girl who repeatedly outwits a giant, replete with loads of vocal sound effects to join in with! For more brave-hearted preschoolers. Listen here.

The Mulberry Tree: When I was born my Dad planted a mulberry tree and as I grew, it grew. By the time I was old enough to climb into it, it was strong enough to take my weight…Watch video of Mulberry Tree OR Listen to recording. Original.

The Mermaid’s Shoes: One full moon night, the mermaid of Byron Bay hears funky drum rhythms on the beach. She sees dancers twirling and leaping by a beach fire. She is so inspired that she swaps her mermaid’s tail for human legs, so that she can become a dancer. The mermaid’s shoes hold a magic that allows her to transform under the full moon. But will the sea call her back? Listen to recording. Original. 11 mins.

The Fisherman’s Baby: A freak storm separates a baby from his young father. But will a seal help? Irish tale. Version by Irish storyteller, Liz Weir. Listen to recording. 8 min 25.

When my brother and sister nearly burned down the house: family tales: I demonstrate how to use baboushka dolls as a story prompt for family stories. This can inspire children to research, craft and retell family stories of their own. Jenni tells a story about her great grandmother Emily Jane and then the tale of the time her brother and sister nearly burnt the house down! Watch video.

Rustle and Shelley: Once upon a time, there was a handful of little plastic pellets called Rustle. All Rustle longed for was to be useful. One day, he got a job- as a plastic shopping bag…. What happens when Shelley the Leatherback turtle meets Rustle the plastic bag in the ocean? Listen to recording or watch video of Shelley and Rustle.

Tanabato Soma: Children love to hear the story and sing the poignant song from the Star Festival of Japan. Two children play bells and all the children join in with hand actions. From the album “Molly Whuppie and other wonder tales’. Listen here. 

Two Russian Goats A lively, dramatic story for acting out with two child actors as goats about co-operation and kindness. From the album ‘The Mermaid’s Shoes. Listen here.

Never Give up about a very persistent frog. Theme: persistence. From the album ‘Reaching for the Moon’. Listen here.

Gowondo A Kombumerri Aboriginal creation story from Burleigh Heads, which explains how people used to work with dolphins to catch fish and inspires respect for wildlife and generosity. Listen here.


Our school was extremely happy with Jenni Cargill. The children were thoroughly engaged with her storytelling. I would be happy to have her here again and would recommend Jenni to other schools. Islamic College of Brisbane.

Thank you Jenni for all your wonderful stories. The children have been passionately inspired. The expressions on their faces tell of exotic locations and incredible journeys. Many will retell these stories to their families. Belmont State School.

We were very happy with Jenni Cargill’s visit to our school. We were particularly wanting a storyteller / performer who would appeal to students from Prep to Year 7 and Jenni certainly had captive audiences in all age groups. Both students and staff thoroughly enjoyed her storytelling and interaction with her audience. Her story CDs have been on loan since they became available for borrowing and classes are still enjoying listening to the range of marvellous stories they contain. We would be very happy to recommend Jenni to other schools. St. Mary’s Primary School.

“Jenni Cargill is an enchanting storyteller who shares stories from around the world with energy, style and verve. Jenni’s capable manner ensures children K-6 are enthralled with her performance. She sprinkles music, wonderful acting and different voices through her performances. Highly entertaining and worthwhile.” – DEPT OF EDUCATION NSW PUBLICATION Read more feedback at the Applause page, here.


Jenni’s performances for adults are suitable for folk festivals, conferences and functions. Her stories work best in a quiet, focused environment. Then listeners can settle down, change gear and be transported by the magic of a good yarn, skilfully told.

“Jenni Cargill-Strong possesses a natural instinct for the power of language and how it can create and effect authentic transformation. Jenni is an experience not to miss.” – Marina Orpen (Business Development and Trainer, ‘Organic Farm Share’ and ‘Imagine What’s Next’)

“I loved Jenni Cargill’s performance of Inanna’s story. It was rich and funny and tragic and wonderfully vivid. In moments I felt as if I’d been magically drawn into the heart of an ancient rite, as if the goddess herself was speaking.” Melaina Faranda, author of The Circle series, published by Random House 


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