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Our brains are hard-wired to receive information encoded in a story, which is why storytelling is one of our oldest teaching methods. Oral storytelling has been called ‘Theatre of the Imagination’. It sparks creativity. In the classroom, teachers can tell a story to pique interest in a particular topic. Once students feel emotionally and imaginatively engaged, lively discussions follow and learning on that topic feels easier and more pleasant. For students, storytelling provides an opportunity to express different sides of themselves, develop different intelligences (eg kinaesthetic), build feelings of community with peers and build confidence. Sometimes students that do not shine academically, do shine in the realm of spoken word, drama and movement. Storytelling combines all three.

Jenni will guide participants through fun, creative processes that stimulate imagination and get stories flowing. She gives permission for anyone to have a go at story weaving and storytelling. Jenni has been teaching storytelling since 2000 to primary, secondary and tertiary students. She has taught parents, teachers, librarians and environmental educators.




Write Your Story of Place 

Learn a simple, fun, mapping process to develop your own story of place. Jenni has taught this fun, engaging method to primary, secondary and tertiary students and for staff in-services. It always ignites joy, conversation, enthusiasm and creativity.

WHO: Workshop for Years 3-10 OR teachers and parents

LENGTH: STUDENTS: 60 minutes

ADULTS: 2-3 hours for teachers or parents, to allow for more instruction and discussion.

SIZE: STUDENTS: Two primary classes at a time or one secondary class.

ADULTS: Up to 20 teachers or parents.




How to Tell a Story

Have you ever wanted to enchant your listeners with a well told story? Discover your inner storyteller in this fun, playful workshop. Hear a simple circle story, then retell it in small groups and discuss the process. Find out how to choose a story for telling, craft it, learn it, and tell it in a captivating way. Learn through fun, gentle, non-confronting activities, pair and group work. Participants will gain ideas and confidence.

WHO: Workshop for Years 3-7 

LENGTH: STUDENTS: 60 minutes

SIZE:  Two primary classes at a time or one secondary class.



Just for Teachers: Storytelling in the Classroom, with Jenni and Lynne

Learn how to incorporate storytelling in the classroom to enhance learning. Jenni is joined by her sister Lynne, a retired primary school teacher who brings decades of experience in using story, anecdote and playfulness to help her students remember key concepts. Lynne also founded and runs, Step into History, a lower primary incursion, which grew out of her frustration with the lack of hands on history experiences. Jenni has taught storytelling privately to teachers, librarians and parents, for Southern Cross University School of Education and has also worked as a casual secondary teacher.

“In the fullness of the school day,” says Lynne, “it can be tempting to think there is no time to ‘waste’ on stories and fun, or that it takes too much time to plan lessons to include storytelling. But it’s not about planning. It’s really about changing mindset. When students make an emotional connection with their learning, their recall will be far greater than if you rush on to the next activity. I have found stories can be a very powerful way to consolidate classroom learning.’

You will come away from this fun, interactive workshop, with valuable tools for your teaching toolkit.

WHO: For teachers

LENGTH: 3 hours

SIZE: Up to 30 


Story as Soul Food: a Workshop for Parents and Caregivers

The story is not merely a telling.

It is not merely a remembering.
The story is an action.
The story is a bringing something forth.
The story, followed, enacted, and living, is a world coming into being. Deena Metzger

Sometimes in our busy lives, it can be hard to make the time to share stories, even when we know how nourishing and healing they can be. Simple family stories ground us in knowing who we are and where we come from. Good stories lovingly told, can strengthen our hearts and our ability to navigate the world. They can rekindle joy and revitalise. Join Jenni to reconnect with the rich soul food stories can offer. A participative story experience for parents, caregivers and anyone interested.

WHO: Workshop for parents

LENGTH: 2-3 hours

SIZE: STUDENTS: Two primary classes at a time or one secondary class.

ADULTS: Up to 20 teachers or parents.





To book Jenni for workshops or school shows in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, contact Speakers Ink.

Top: Lynne Cargill and Jenni Below: Jenni teaching for StoryBoard, Byron Bay Writer’s Festival and

Bottom: Jenni with the Lawnton Natural Parenting Homeschooling Group after a workshop.

Maps of place as springboards Jenni Fernleigh StoryBoard

Jenni visited our Steiner School in Armidale and shared her stories and deep knowledge of storytelling with parents, teachers and the children- both young and old. The wonderful effects just keep rippling through our school community! Jenni is a consummate storyteller and answered questions raised by teachers and parents alike with a deep understanding and sensitivity to the moment, to the question beneath the question in a sense.

Angela Earth

Teacher, Armidale Waldorf Steiner School

Jenni was great with the children – very interactive. She was also a wonderful person to host at our school. I received lots of positive feedback from staff & students.

Teacher, Australian International School Malaysia (AISM)

Students retell a story Fernleigh StoryBoard
Storytelling wkshop Lawson Natural Parenting group