Story Learning

ABOVE: Workshop participants at Byron Writer’s Festival

Jenni’s teaching style is supportive, participative and fun. She gently supports and encourages everyone to work at their own pace in their own way. She has taught storytelling to people from a wide range of professions and backgrounds since 2003.

Storytelling for Beginners

Come into the realm of story and be guided by Jenni in a safe, fun, online community of learning. Learn how to weave and tell a soulful story from the heart and bring it to life. Read testimonials and learn more here.


Stories to Reconnect

Stories told soulfully can reconnect us to wonder, reverence, humility, joy and wisdom. They offer a larger perspective on our lives, values and work. They can help us find the courage to keep working for that more beautiful world, even when we feel defeated and discouraged. Read testimonials and learn more here.



Get story support from Jenni one-on-one online or by phone. Read testimonials and learn more here.




I found the whole course a joy to participate in! This course was so valuable to me in terms of hearing participants of different ages and experience tell a variety of stories, and then to have everyone’s written feedback in the chat box to read and learn from later was a bonus. Jenni is a consummate facilitator, giving everyone their voice and chasing technological gremlins away.

Pam Blamey

Storyteller and Secretary, Frog on a Rock and Queensland Jung Society