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Jenni tells and sings the Scottish ballad, ‘Tamlin’ at ‘Stories in the Club’, the monthly community event she curates. More Stories in the Club videos below.

‘The Quim’s Tale’ in The Byron Bay Theatre, February 2017.

‘Le Histoire du Grandmere’ Long before Charles Perrault wrote down “La Petit Chaperone Rouge” which became known as “Little Red Cap” and then “Little Red Riding Hood”, some say there was a far richer tale told by oral storytellers in France called ‘The Grandmother’s Tale’. In it, a grandmother who meets her maker and a young woman emcounters a werewolf. This is the way I tell it and I warn you, it is dark. Inspired by ‘The Path of Needles or Pins: Little Red Riding Hood’ by Terri Windling

Storytelling for Changemaking. ‘Politics in the Pub’, hosted by The Ngara Institute. Seven activists were invited to speak. November 2018.

Three short fables at ‘March in March’ rally Byron Bay in March 2014. Filmmaker David Lowe. 

Jenni tells spontaneously on the last day of the Bentley Blockade. Filmed by Brendan Shoebridge. Hang music by Greg Sheehan.

How to tell stories and why

Stories in the Club Tales 

‘Stories in the Club’ is a monthly community storytelling concert, curated by Jenni and supported by the Ngara Institute. It is held Mullumbimby, Jenni’s hometown in the Byron Shire. 

Teeya Blatt tells her reweaving of the ancient tale, ‘Hymn to Persephone’ Sep, 2017

Susan Perrow, international author, storyteller, and teacher of healing stories tells her story from the massive 1974 flood in the Northern Rivers, ‘A cup of tea, a banana shed and a moonstone bracelet’. Sep, 2017.

Graeme Innes, author of ‘Platypus Dreaming’ tells a story about social media and online news, Sep 2017.

Local legend, beloved historian, former farmer and fire chief, Frank Mills, now 90, was a featured teller. Sep 2017.  

Frank Mills in conversation with Malcolm Price.

Frank Mills in conversation with Malcolm Price.

Labyrinths with Jenni

Byron Bay Walking Tour: Stories on Foot

Tales of Byron Bay and the Rainbow Region

Join Jenni for stories of Byron Bay and the Rainbow Region. If you love walking, Byron, stories and/or history, this tour is a must! Byron Bay is a tourist mecca because of it’s outstanding natural beauty. More

While Amber refers to Jenni telling Aboriginal stories, she is referring to the way Jenni paints vivid images of life for the Bunjalung peoples of the Byron region, both before and after white settlement. Jenni is very careful to respect cultural boundaries, so she does not tell traditional Aboriginal stories.