Stories to Reconnect

I participated in a storytelling workshop facilitated by Jenni Cargill-Strong. The event was both insightful and inspiring and gave me the confidence to experiment with new ways to share information and encourage participation in Landcare. Two months later, I was selected as a speaker at the NSW Landcare Conference in Albury. I mustered the courage to apply my newfound storytelling skills and methodology through my delivery. The presentation was extremely successful with multiple people approaching me afterward commenting on the presentation style as engaging and refreshing. Thanks to Jenni I have now found my style and my confidence to present to large audiences and trust that my stories will embed in peoples memory.

Emma Stone

Landcare Coordinator, Border Ranges Richmond Valley Landcare Network

ABOVE: Participants telling stories at Dorrobee Grass Reserve, Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia


Stories to Reconnect


ONLINE LIVE workshop, Tuesday evenings, starting July 4. Register: EVENTBRITE.

Face to Face workshop, Saturday, August 26, 10am-4pm, Northey St Community Farm, Brisbane. Register: EVENTBRITE



Join us for a wondrous journey into storytelling, within a safe community of learning. Gain skills from the storytellers toolbox and rediscover the wisdom of forgotten ancestors. We will explore how storytelling can be used to teach principles in memorable, moving ways, as well as rekindle hope, joy and solidarity. Discover ways to use the ancient and powerful art of storytelling to enrich whatever you are doing, large or small, to make the world a more beautiful place. You can attend this workshop even if you are a beginner. (To learn the basics of storytelling, enrol in Storytelling Foundations.)


~learn why storytelling is a powerful and necessary tool for healing and catalysing change and strengthening community, incorporating research and theoretical frameworks for understanding how stories work

~hear ancestral and original stories for our times

~learn ways to frame stories, connect a principle to a folktale or be inspired to write your own tale

~connect with other participants in a safe community of learning, via story in pairs, small groups and large group activities discussions

~work on a short story of your own

WHO: You may be an educator, therapist, healer, activist, change-maker, parent, community worker, creative or writer wanting to boost your ability to build community, educate, soothe distress, encourage resilience and/or catalyse change. Beginners are most welcome.

Join us, as we sink deeply and luxuriously into the realm of ancient and contemporary oral stories. You are warmly invited.



ONLINE LIVE workshop, Tuesday evenings, starting July 4. Register: EVENTBRITE.

Face to Face workshop, Saturday, August 26, 2023, 10am-4pm, Northey St Community Farm, Brisbane. Register: EVENTBRITE




BELOW: Workshop with environmental educators, Downfall Creek.

BELOW THAT: Jenni facilitating a lively progressive storytelling exercise at Woodford Folk Festival, Dec 2019. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. This workshop was not what I was expecting (although I don’t know what I was expecting) but it feels like I have walked into a new world. Since the beginning I have had stories flowing out of me. I have written three stories to accompany my artwork and I have another two that I am working on so you have helped trigger something in my brain that I am excited about, which is a beautiful feeling considering what is happening in the world around us.  It is difficult for me express the profound experience I have had for the last few weeks. I would also like to say that I think you are an excellent moderator/facilitator!
Karen Benjamin

Eco Artist

I loved you telling a story. The breakout rooms were really great – an opportunity to share one on one – I felt that I was being listened to and had thoughtful feedback. It was great to share my story and get some feedback. I am inspired. It was great to go back over the recordings. It was great to meet everyone on the sessions and share openly. I enjoyed the emails you sent after the sessions, it brought it together nicely. The links were always useful and informative. 
Linda Cooper

Co-ordinator , Brahma Kumaris, Gold Coast

I found the whole course a joy to participate in! This course was so valuable to me in terms of hearing participants of different ages and experience tell a variety of stories, and then to have everyone’s written feedback in the chat box to read and learn from later was a bonus. Jenni is a consummate facilitator, giving everyone their voice and chasing technological gremlins away.
Pam Blamey

Storyteller and Secretary, Frog on a Rock and Queensland Jung Society

Since the workshop my understanding about using story to spark people’s interest, and even shift their perspective has strengthened and grown. Jenni’s encouraging way of teaching allowed us to transform our own stories. If we are to create the change needed to protect our natural world, connecting with one another through story is the only way we will do it.

Maddy Braddon

Coordinator, Northern Rivers Intrepid Landcare

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the workshop on Saturday. I really enjoyed it. You are such a good and natural facilitator who knows your content so well because you live it. Thanks for creating such a lovely atmosphere and sparking many interesting insights and learnings for me.