The Story Tree and other nature tales 5-10 years

Winner ‘Honours’ US Storytelling World Awards, 2013

These delightful earth-loving tales and songs will inspire care for the environment, retain a child’s interest for years, stimulate a child’s imagination and shorten road trips. This is the fourth award-winning album by Australian storyteller and singer, Jenni Cargill-Strong, which the whole family can enjoy. Settle in and listen to original and ancestral stories of whales and frogs, turtles and magic trees, interwoven with the relaxing sounds of nature. While each story has an environmental moral, none has a moralistic overtone. Suitable for bed time listening.

Length: 61 mins

Ages: 5-10

Hard copy CD packaged in recycled cardboard and printed with soy-based ink. Made in Australi


Track notes in detail

1. The Story Tree by J. R. Cargill-Strong, arr R. Wright © 2009

Come sit under the story tree, so many fruits there for you and for me…

Guitar, marimba, guiro. Sung by Jenni and Rochelle. (2:11)

2. Lily and the Fig Tree based on the English folktale ‘The Old Woman and the Oak Tree”

Lily grows the reddest, sweetest, juiciest strawberries. When they start disappearing from her garden, help comes from a very surprising source! (12.03)

3. How the Whale Got His Throat by Rudyard Kipling

There was once a whale who ate all the fishes in all the Sea …until all that was left was one small ‘stute fish…

So begins this classic adventure from Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just So Stories’. (10:15)

4. Kondili the Whale– A Raminjeri and Kuarna Aboriginal story

Long, long ago, before people knew how to make fire, the Creator gave the gift of fire to a man called Kondili. He put fire in Kondili’s feet, so that when Kondili walked, sparks grew out of his feet. But when Kondili danced, great flames came out of his feet. The higher he danced, the higher the flames grew…(7:45)

5. Froko and Lettuce by J.R.Cargill-Strong © 2009

One night, when my son Tamlyn was just a baby, I looked up at the window and in the golden glow of the bedside lamp, I could see a baby green tree frog- clinging quite easily- to the outside of our bedroom window. Every Summer for five years he turned up in our kitchen. When Froko didn’t come back, we missed him terribly, but then something happened to cheer us up. (6.24)

6. Shelley and Rustle by J.R.Cargill-Strong © 2009

Once upon a time, there was a handful of little plastic pellets called Rustle. All Rustle longed for was to be useful. He dreamed of being a red umbrella or a yellow raincoat or a plastic toy…

Then, one day, he got a job as a plastic shopping bag….

What happens when Shelley the Leatherback turtle meets Rustle the plastic bag in the ocean?(11.00)

7. The Mulberry Tree by J.R.Cargill-Strong © 2008

When I was born my Dad planted a mulberry tree and as I grew, it grew. By the time I was old enough to climb into it, it was strong enough to take my weight… (8:40)

9. Gartan (Garden) Mother’s Lullaby Irish; Music and lyrics by Seosamh MacCathmhaoil; Sung by Jenni and Rochelle.

Sleep o babe, for the red bee hums the silent twilight’s fall, Ayvanfrom the grey rock comes, to wrap the world in thrall. A LYAN-uh-van O my child, my joy, my love my heart’s desire, The crickets sing you lullaby, beside the dying fire…(3:18)


It was after my kids heard Jenni Cargill-Strong tell the story of ‘Shelly and Rustle’ that we found a beached turtle at Lennox Heads and the kids quickly told the people on the beach to stop trying to return it to the sea and that it needed help from the Australian Sea Bird Rescue team. They told us :”That it must have swallowed plastic by mistake and not been able to dive down to eat food and that was why it had barnacles on its back” they remembered about keeping it covered and wet till the ASB Rescue team came with their purpose built turtle stretcher and whisked our ‘Shelly’ off to be treated- I love the power of this story and am grateful for the volunteer who gave up his weekend to save a turtle that didn’t have to be there had someone tied a not in their plastic shopping bag. Tamlin Heathwood, The Channon.

Just wanted to let you know that we LOVE the new Story Tree CD…. We all sat, quietly, totally taken on the journey of each story! My personal favorite is Shelley and Rustle…. Ocean’s favorite is Lili and the Fig tree. I love how you have woven the educational aspects of the environment into fun and enjoyable stories! Well done… I look forward to hearing many more in 2011. Rosie, Byron Bay

We have also have had many trips made much easier with Jenni’s storytelling CD’s. And we have found that they appeal to a broad range of kids (our 4 children are 8 years apart and all 4 love the cds!) Skye Collings, Brisbane

Thanks so much -we got The Story Tree. As always we love your work. Hope all is going well. Kate Clere, Sydney

We first met you when we were on holiday in Ballina in 2009 when you presented stories at Natures Child in Byron Bay. My two girls, then 6 and 4, were enchanted by you, and we purchased “Mermaid Shoes” and “Molly Wuppie” – both CD’s are firm favourites of ours and certainly make our car trips from Wagga Wagga to Ballina very entertaining. On our recent return to Ballina for our 3 week beach break, we were so excited to discover your new CD ‘Story  Tree’ – We bought two copies one for us and one for a our friends (Who we also gave a copy of Molly Wuppie to!) and then we discovered Salty Pete and bought that for another friend. The Story Tree was on repeat during our car trip home and the stories are so delightful. We could relate to Froko and Lettuce and loved the frog noises because we had heard these during our stay (we don’t get too many green tree frogs in Wagga!) Also the reference to Ruby, surprised and pleased my little girl, also called Ruby ! The girls now 8 (Macy) and 6 (Ruby), laughed at Rustle and his singing (and singalong), but certainly take the message very seriously as I discovered my daughter tying a knot in  plastic bag the other day. We also love gardening and so Miss Lily’s garden and the mulberry tree are truly delightful. As all the stories are, I just wanted to get in touch and let you know that I feel so grateful to have ‘discovered’ you and your wonderful gift and can share it with my children. Thank you, Best wishes, Nadine, Wagga Wagga