Workshop for Parents and Caregivers

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Story as Soul Food: a Workshop for Parents and Caregivers

The story is not merely a telling.

It is not merely a remembering.
The story is an action.
The story is a bringing something forth.
The story, followed, enacted, and living, is a world coming into being. Deena Metzger

Sometimes in our busy lives, it can be hard to make the time to share stories, even when we know how nourishing and healing they can be. Simple family stories ground us in knowing who we are and where we come from. Good stories lovingly told, can strengthen our hearts and our ability to navigate the world. They can rekindle joy and revitalise. Join Jenni to reconnect with the rich soul food stories can offer. A participative story experience for parents, caregivers and anyone interested.

WHO: Workshop for parents

LENGTH: 2-3 hours

SIZE: STUDENTS: Two primary classes at a time or one secondary class.

ADULTS: Up to 20 teachers or parents.

I am really appreciative of the stories everyone shared. Also liked group work exploring the stories. As a listener, even if you had one question to contribute, it can make a difference to the story development. I loved the diversity of feedback, which was really helpful.



Jenni visited our Steiner School in Armidale and shared her stories and deep knowledge of storytelling with parents, teachers and the children- both young and old. The wonderful effects just keep rippling through our school community! Jenni is a consummate storyteller and answered questions raised by teachers and parents alike with a deep understanding and sensitivity to the moment, to the question beneath the question in a sense.

Angela Earth

Teacher, Armidale Waldorf Steiner School