Ballina Tales

Whale TaleBallina Tales is a new community event commencing September 11, 2022 in Ballina NSW, Australia.* It will be hosted by local storyteller, Jenni Cargill-Strong, featuring community stories, gentle harmonies from the Threshold Choir and very simple participative Peace dances, which are circle dances lead by an experienced teacher. Join us as we weave new and strengthen old community connections. We can share refreshments together, which will be for sale by a local charity. 

From 2017, Jenni curated the very popular ‘Stories in the Club’ in Mullumbimby, which was a local, monthly community storytelling event. In in 2019, after two great years, Jenni moved from Mullumbimby to Ballina. Covid and floods made holding an event difficult, but at last in September 2022, it seems it may be once again possible to hold a live community event!

ABOVE: Artwork by Insta: @yulia.olkhovaia FB: Olkhovaia 

Jenni is a member of the Ballina Community Garden, the Ballina Threshold Choir and the Ballina Greens. She teaches Storytelling at Southern Cross University and tells stories locally at Tintenbar Upfront, Rous Unplugged and Lismore Live Poets. She toured schools for many years and is available for school and preschool shows. Jenni also loves song, dance, sharing food and weaving community, so this event weaves all her favourite things together. If these are a few of your favourite things, please join us! You don’t need any skill or experience in dancing to join the participative fun at the end and you can also sit out and watch if you prefer!

BALLINA TALES is kicking off on Sunday, September 11, 3.30- 5.30 pm at the Ballina CWA Hall. Cost: $10.

BALLINA CWA DIRECTIONS (Sep and Nov): The Ballina CWA hall is by the river, next door to the RSL (the town end). Park on River Street near The Cove Restaurant. The small brick CWA building sits by the river in the Captain Cook Park, left of the RSL building when facing the river.

In October, the event has to relocate to the Ballina Girl Guide’s Wigmore Hall, 26 Swift Street, Ballina.

Stay tuned. More details coming soon.

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*Ballina and the Nyanbul people

There is another Ballina in Ireland and sometimes people google ‘Whats on in Ballina’ and get the wrong town. 🙂 The Australian Ballina is on the east coast of Australia, on Nyanbul country in the lands of the Bunjalung language group.

The first Australians here, the Nyanbul people, used to call this area ‘Bullinah’, meaning full belly, but the story goes that the newcomers misheard the word as Ballina.

The history of of the Nyanbul and their experiences of first contact, including the massacres perpetrated by Queensland native police to the horror of local settlers is captured in a series of signs as a part of Aboriginal Cultural Ways. It is situated on a beautiful boardwalk in East Ballina. The Coastal Recreational Path at Angels Beach, East Ballina stretching north along the coastline to Sharpes Beach.

You can also do cultural walks with Yidabal Galii Maa Aboriginal Cultural Tours.

Here is the Nyangbul seasonal calendar which is quite distinct from the Euro-centric four seasons.




A Stories in the Club audience