story circle

A story circle is a group of people sitting in a circle and sharing stories about their experience on a given topic or theme.

Story Circles

WHEN: 4pm -5.30pm, 4th Sundays, starting Sunday, 

WHERE: Online voa Zoom 

Sliding Scale Fee: $15-$25



You are warmly invited to this intimate story gathering facilitated by Jenni Cargill-Strong, curator of ‘Stories in the Club’.

Inspired by the Story Circles developed by Roadside Theatre in the USA, we will follow the same structure and methodology.

The story circle may be used to build community within a group, to examine difference across lines of race or class, to explore social challenges that people are facing in their own lives, or for some other purpose. The method has been used extensively by Roadside Theater, and they call it “Our tested storytelling method for empowering community members.”