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All six story albums available as downloads.

Why Story Tree CDs?

Story Tree CD’s are award-winning, original, environmental and ancestral tales to inspire your child’s imagination from Australian storytellers Jenni Cargill-Strong. They retain a child’s interest for years and shorten road trips. Our customers are very loyal and come back year after year. To read what they say, scroll down to ‘Applause’. Entertain the kids in the car, at bedtime, on school holidays or anytime! Each CD features musical accompaniment by up to eight acoustic instruments including lyre, tabla, harp, flute, bells and cavaquinho.

The advantage of a CD is that you know what your child is listening to and CD players are very easy to operate. If your child listens online, they can roam to other content without you knowing. Story Tree Cd’s are also a real boon in the car for long trips.

An environmentally friendly gift

recycle_logo_greenThese albums are as environmentally friendly as we can make them. All Story Tree album covers are printed in Australia, on recycled cardboard and printed with soy-based ink in a cover which uses no plastic or wrapping. The disc is the only plastic involved. This means the CD’s are very thin and extremely cheap to post, if you are looking for a quality present to send. If you buy digital downloads there will be no plastic involved and your download will last a lifetime also.

Buy idevice audiobook subscription Tales2GoDoes your family love stories and also use idevices- ie iPod, iPad, iPhone? Here is an idea to boost literacy and enjoyment for the whole family with a free trial to test it out first. StoryTree tales are on there. Search catalogue for Jenni Cargill-Strong here.

Index of Story Tree stories by album

Reaching for the Moon (double album)

CD 1: 1. Moon Beams Danza (Hang music) 2. The Legend of the First Strawberry 3. Reaching for the Moon 4. The Golden Goose 5. The Little Red Hen 6. Ananse, Ahso and their Six Clever Children 7. The Farmer, the Son and the Donkey 8. The Blue Coat. 9. Moon Shadow Danza

CD 2: 1. Moonbeams Sinte 2. Legend of the Big Dipper 3. Never Give Up 4. Why the Sky is So FGar Away 5. With my Own Two hands 6. The Difference Between Heaven and Hell 7. The Farm Girl and the New Dress 8. The Monkey’s Heart 9. The Nails and the Fencepost 10. Moon Catcher Sinte

The Mermaid’s Shoes and other enchanted tales

  1. East of the Sun 2. The Mermaid’s Shoes 3. The Rat  4. The Fisherman’s Baby 5. Goldenheart  6. Two Russian Goats 7. Treasure on the Bridge 8. Stories to Light the Dark

The Story Tree and other nature tales

  1. The Story Tree (song) 2. Lily and the Fig Tree 3. How the Whale Got his Throat 4. Kondili the Whale 5. Froko and Lettuce 6. Shelley and Rustle 7. The Mulberry Tree 7. Gartan Mother’s Lullaby (song) 

Molly Whuppie and other wonder tales

  1. Molly Whuppie 2. Tanabato Soma 3. Gowondo 4. Long Long Long 5. Goldenheart 6. The Tortoise and the Hare 7. The Yellow Thunder Dragon 8. Dee See Nee Senang

Stories to Light the Dark

  1. Goldenheart 2. Mr Fox  3. The Fisherman’s Baby 4. Stonecutter 5. The Wife of Bath’s Tale 6. Surprise 7. The Luckless One 8. Willy’s Lady 9. The One I Feed 10. Stories to Light the Dark

The Troo Adventures of Salty Pete the Pirate

  1. Salty Pete gets a Haircut 2. Salty Pete and Zanzibar 3. Going over the Sea 4. Salty Pete gets a Haircut 5. Bound for South Australia 6. Salty Pete and the treasure Maps 9. The Little Fish 10. Answers to Riddles