I taught a Personal Storytelling workshop on Saturday in Nimbin, organised by Rene Nowrie. Rene plans to start a Moth-like personal story event there next year called Nimbin Storytellers. Read the article below. What a glorious spring day it was! On the way, I visited a dear friend I haven’t seen in too long. I thought I didn’t have enough flowers in my garden to take her, but found I actually had an abundance. On arrival in Nimbin town, two peacocks and two pea-hens crossed the road in front of my car.


The group of 10 participants were thoroughly delightful and enjoyed the workshop immensely. I taught them a story mapping process to develop a story of place and then taught components of a five minute Moth-style story, interspersed with movement, relaxation and guided visualisation, writing time, pair work and group work.
Afterwards, I went to get Japanese food in a rustic open air spot with a phenomenal view of the mountains. There was lively music and happy chatter everywhere, because of the Blues and Roots festival. As I went to drive out of the car park, some sweet, young Hare Krishna’ swept past happily. As I left Nimbin, two elegant birds crossed the road in front of me. Thanks universe for a perfect day!!
Out of 10 participants, five gave written feedback:


The balance of physical, educational, psychological and spiritual storytelling exercises was very well delivered. The way you moved through them was excellent- drawing on your educational, performance and storytelling knowledge. I enjoyed hearing other people’s stories. Superb, Thank you very much. Johnathon.

I especially loved the exercise at the beginning of visualising the special space. I liked that you made it feel very cosy and safe to tell my stories, because I was mischievous as a child and was told ‘No-one wants to hear what you have to say.’ So to have people look really interested in my story and ask questions was very empowering. Louise

Really appreciative of everyones stories that they shared. Also liked group work of exploring their stories. As a listener, even if you had one question to contribute, it can make a difference to the story development. I loved the diversity of feedback, which was really helpful.Emmy.

It was a very safe group and you were very good at making it feel like a safe place to share my story, which has some trauma in it. Liked the way you had exercises for beginners as well as people who had a story tat was nearly finished. Loved the icebreakers leading in to using names to get to know each other. I don’t like drawing much, but I really found the mapping process helpful. It strengthened my sense of the story. Loved the polished stone analogy. I found that rally helpful and the story parachute. Loved that everything was an invitation. Clare.

Thanks Jenni, it was great. I woke up still digesting everything on Sunday morning, a very good sign that the learning was deep and important. It was great to reconnect with the storytelling world that I only dipped briefly into on that trip in India… have been waiting for a way back in and this was great. Thanks again! Katinka.

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