Last Sunday, we had a really beautiful Ballina Tales. The weather was warm, but the air con kept us cool. We had two storytellers and three singers.
I began by telling a story of harvest and my journey of learning gardening. I showed the literal harvest from my garden, but I asked people to ponder and share what had they harvested literally and metaphorically this year, both the good and the bad. (This idea was prompted by work with @Lotus Kruse, who had asked this good question.)
Maureen Buckingham began with her rich voice and her grounded presence and her ukelele, sang us some heart-warming songs, including several upbeat eighties songs to singalong with.
Storyteller and author, Susan Perrow told us her healing story ‘Lindelwe’s Song’, which is in her book ‘Stories to Light the Night’ about the power of song to strengthen the people through the travails of apartheid in South Africa.
Jairn Lavis sang us some haunting maritime ballads in her joyful way with her lovely singing voice.
I told a folktale which celebrates the cracked and broken in us all using a Kamishibai stage and cards illustrated by my colleague @Jackie Kerin, who first introduced me to kamishibai.
Kathryn sang two ballads that told beautiful stories on the theme of grief, accompanying herself with guitar.
I finished the afternoon with ‘The Wonderful Coat’, based on a Jewish tale called The Tailor, a story of stories, of loss, love and community.

Then we shared afternoon tea with some fresh muffins. I forgot to take photos of Maureen playing, but you can see her in the audience.

If Ballina Tales continues, we will start again in February.