Green Story wkshop Indigiscapes 2015 Blue Coat eyes wide This is the fourth and last post on the ‘Green Storytelling’ workshop I led last month in Brisbane. At the start of the workshop, I told the ‘The Blue  Coat’. Then, as our ice-breaker and in order to get participants telling as quickly as possible, I invited them to form groups of four and  collaboratively retell the story- in their own words. I encouraged everyone to give their inner critic a gentle hug and tell them to take a break while  fun was had, mucking around storytelling. I left the room then, because having a teacher and professional storyteller around can trigger  perfectionism and  powerful inner critic voices!

When I came back into the room, the space was alive with story! People were engaged, leaning forward, eyes wide, smiling, nodding, listening intently to whoever was telling. Once the storytelling was complete and there had been a little time for discussion within the group, we came together in the larger group.

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