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My first Joyality Circle as participant with Dr Eshanna Bragg and Rachel Taylor

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or disempowered by the state of the world? I have- intensely and often. Last year, this feeling collided with a personal challenge I was having with someone very close to me. I became quite depressed and unwell and lost my ordinarily strong motivation and direction.

I felt like a butterfly flapping frantically to avoid the oncoming windscreen, which was hurtling towards not just me, but my children and indeed every creature on this exquisite planet. Then I was invited by my friend Dr Eshanna Bragg to join one of her first Joyality Circles.

The Joyality Program is Resilience Training for Personal and Planetary Wellbeing (co-created by Eshana Bragg PhD & Rachel Taylor). It is an 8-week experiential online eco-psychology program that includes guided meditations and journaling practises, supported by weekly sharing circles. New concepts and tools help you process your feelings about the state of our world, connect deeply with nature, gain clarity about your personal passions and gifts, and become empowered to take action for a sustainable future. Through participating in the Joyality Program, you also build community and become connected to a diverse global network of conscious changemakers.

Over eight weeks, sitting in circle we shared our feelings and the realisation grew that I was absolutely not alone. Others felt the oncoming windscreen, though they used different imagery. The three threads of Joyality connected up: we awakened, we connected and we designed our passion actions.

I felt my wings grow stronger and began to feel the updraft of group support and unfolding hope. The windscreen seemed avoidable. Each time I sit in a Joyality Circle, my experience of the practices deepens and I feel enriched. I have implemented several passion actions as a result of participating in three Joyality circles: a sacred waters labyrinth, a rewrite of an environmental story which was recorded in a teleconference, a monthly community story gathering and I have now begun work on a book about environmental storytelling.

I was then invited to become a Joyality facilitator, which I embraced excitedly. I completed my facilitator training this year and I am very excited to be offering a Joyality circle in Mullum. Here I explain more to my sweet friend HeeLing: FB VIDEO

Joyality with Jenni

FREE INTRO CIRCLE: TONIGHT! Monday, October 16 – December 4, 6pm – 7pm. All welcome with no obligation at all. 🙂
ONGOING CIRCLE: Monday, October 23- December 11, 6pm – 8pm

WHERE: The Commons,
91/74 Main Arm Rd, Mullum
JENNI: 0403 328 643




Jenni Cargill-Strong is an award-winning Australian storyteller and singer, whose passions and expertise are focused on using story to help reconnect humans to place, to the ancient wisdom of earth-loving ancestors and the awareness that we humans are nature. Jenni tells at environmental rallies and creates tailor-made stories for community events. She offers a storytelling tour of Byron Bay, has been teaching storytelling since 2003 and environmental storytelling since 2015. In the academic realm, Jenni has worked at Southern Cross University (SCU) since 2009, is a guest lecturer and is also a trained secondary teacher. She is also a trained labyrinth facilitator and last year co-created a temporary labyrinth at the Byron Bay foreshore. She completed her Joyality facilitator training in 2017.

Eshana Bragg PhD and Rachel Taylor, co-creators of Joyality

Eshana Bragg PhD and Rachel Taylor, Co-creators of Joyality