I recently had a fantastic conversation with Wendy Bunning, a counsellor and hypnotherapist from Sydney. Wendy found my website while web surfing, ordered my adult CD and then gave me a call. She is passionately interested in storytelling and its therapeutic applications. As we discussed possibilities for a story, myth and metaphor workshop for therapists and possibly yoga practitioners in Sydney, we both got a bit breathless and excited.

Wendy has just bought Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ CD in which she tells stories from her book, ‘Women Who Run with Wolves’.

Wendy said she was drinking it up.

If you go to Wendy’ website you will find the story below “In Search of Happiness” as well as some great words of wisdom as Wendy unpacks the story for us.

In Search Of Happiness

Once upon a time, in a far away village, an old woman was searching for something outside her house. She was on her knees diligently running her hands in the soil and grass. Someone saw her and asked, “What are you looking for?”

“I am searching for a ring,” the old woman replied. “Then I will help you look,” said the passer-by. And some other people who were passing saw and also stopped to help look for the elusive ring. But, search as they might, no-one could find the ring.

A young boy, who had also stopped to help the woman in her quest asked wisely, “Where did you lose this ring?” To which the woman said, “I lost it inside the house, young man.” A bit surprised the young fellow asked, “Then why are you searching out here in the garden?” And the old woman looked up at the young boy and spoke, “Because inside it is dark.”

In our eternal search for happiness, like the old woman, so many of us search outside ourselves for that which can only be found within. We say, When I get the new house, car, boat, promotion, new partner, new dress, new shoes, enough love from my partner, etc. then I’ll be happy. And it never ends, because…read more