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Why I am dancing against violence on V-Day …and what V-Day has to do with storytelling…

The ‘One Billion Rising’ movement was initiated by Eve Ensler, author of the ‘Vagina Monologues’.The scale of the movement is breathtaking and exciting: currently 187 countries have signed up to join in. Authors, politicians, filmmakers and celebrities have recorded You Tubes about why they will ‘strike, dance, rise’ on Feb 14. The one billion rising orgContinue Reading

The Fairy at the Top of the Christmas Tree

 Listen to my retelling of this tale for FREE via Soundcloud. Have you ever wondered, why those of us who celebrate Christmas, bring a tree inside our homes and wind silver tinsel around the tree from the bottom right up to the top? And why lots of us hang a fairy at the very top? I’veContinue Reading

Brave Vasalissa and her wise doll

The folk tale ‘Brave Vasalissa and Baba Yaga’ is an ancient female initiation story (see previous post). Last Saturday I had the pleasure of leading a workshop for a group of women in which we explored this rich tale and made a doll as a talisman of the story. Some of the women knew eachContinue Reading

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