How do you choose a story in a soulful way? Well, sometimes you just need a history story for Year 9 tomorrow or a story on kindness for Preschoolers next week, and you haven’t got the luxury or space to spend time contemplating and that is 100% OK! But when you DO have the space for deep listening, try these steps.


Tip 1. Choose from the heart or let a story choose you. This requires having or making the space to listen deeply.


Tip 2. Listen deeply to the story that arises. Walk with it. Listen for it’s soul song. Why is it calling you? What is happening right here and now in your life and the lives of your audience members, that this story might especially resonate with them?
Sometimes your audience most need a jolly good laugh and some fun. There is no need to explain what the story is about. You can usually let that unfold in the audience. However, you need to understand what it means to you. This will adds richness and authenticity to your telling.


Tip 3. Enter the story in the cinema of your imagination and ponder which character/s you relate most to? Which villains do you enjoy and why?


Over the years, I have chosen stories in all sorts of different ways, but the ones that have been especially magical, are the ones that I have chosen this way or they have chosen me.


Listen to the story winds.


Listen to which stories want to be told to whom and on what occasion.


Then let your story sing to you.


Walk with your story. Dance with your story.


Love it, nurture it and have fun!