Steven DaLuz 'photo'

Steven DaLuz ‘photo’


by Jenni Cargill-Strong


There are little nubs growing where my shoulder blades should be

Little nubs and upon them hang wings:

translucent, tremulous, wet, wrinkled, folded.


As I walk here,

the crunch of gravel beneath my boots

the song of the earth reverberates up my legs

and yet how I long to fly


There are words here

floating freely

through the air

through radio waves

through cyberspace


There are words here

golden threads of words, stories that flow

from ear to mouth,
from old to young and

young to old


As I walk those shimmering threads of words

weave themselves into the fabric of my wings


Words have peeled off my coat

that cumbersome heavy black one

words have swept it off my shoulders

it lies discarded, unraveled at my feet


revealing my wings

naked to the kiss of sun and the gentle caress of the breeze


This updraft of words, ideas, inspiration

is building

I long to fly

a bit too high like Icarus


There are little nubs where my shoulder blades should be.

Upon them hang wings: delicate, intricate, magnificent, unfurled.

I am ready for the updraft

ready to soar








I wrote this poem in winter at the 2015 Byron Bay Writer’s Festival. It celebrates some transformations going on in my life and in me. My 16 year relationship with the father of my children had ended. I am posting it today to celebrate my birthday.

I worked as a volunteer this year, and wrote it inspired by a Vollies Poetry Competition organised by Louise Jane Moriarty, and my poem won the competition. Thanks Louise for organising it! I rarely write without a deadline and a provocation.


Happy Solstice for Monday 21 Dec, 2015.

Happy Summer Solstice for those of you in southern hemisphere and happy Winter Solstice to all in the northern hemisphere.

Holly Sierra art

Holly Sierra art